Automation Engineering

Process Control System Design

System design involves analyzing process, instrumentation and control system requirements to develop the base documentation necessary to implement a successful process control system. This documentation would include a process control network (PCN) architecture diagram, a control system specification, a complete instrument index, a control narrative and interlock notes as well as other typical control system documentation.

The process control network design is customized to the customer’s needs while satisfying the control system vendor’s requirements. This network design will address network security issues, bandwidth and throughput issues, and connectivity requirements to the plant’s wide area network.

The control system specification details the customer’s specific control system requirements. This specification details I/O counts, processor arrangements, cabinet arrangements, server and workstation arrangements. It might also include specification of other control and monitoring equipment that would be integrated with the control system.

Other control system documentation defines the details of the control scheme. This would include the instrument index, control narratives, interlock notes, etc.

ENGlobal’s automation staff has extensive experience with process control system design for various processes using various control system equipment. ENGlobal engineers have the experience and knowledge to interpret corporate process control system standards and assure that the system design is in compliance. This design could be as simple as a single loop controller on a single vessel to a multi-controller DCS system controlling a large process with thousands of I/O points.