Automation Integration

Automation Integration

The ENGlobal team combines years of automation expertise and broad industry experience to deliver a complete range of fully integrated process, power and control solutions for projects worldwide. Systems fabrication, programming, assembly, testing and documentation are all done in-house to ensure reliable solutions every time.


  • Continuous Monitoring Systems (CEMS)
  • Analyzer Maintenance Data Acquisition System (AMDAS)
  • Data Acquisition Systems (DAS)

Industrial HVAC

  • Advanced PLC-based Diagnostics and Health Monitors
  • Health Monitoring Capabilities
  • Configurations for Most Installations

Hydrocarbon Transportation and Distribution

  • Pipeline Facilities
  • Rail/Truck and Sea Terminals

Power Solutions

  • MCC/Switchgear Shelters
  • Micro Turbine Power Islands
  • Power Distribution Bus Stops

Control Systems

  • Burner Management
  • Control System Panels
  • Fire and Gas Protection Systems
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Modular Enclosures/Buildings

  • Blast Resistant
  • General Purpose