Automation Integration


Analytical Analytical Analytical

ENGlobal offers a complete range of Analytical Automation Integration Services, that typically involve the engineering/design, fabrication and installation of new analyzer systems, sampling systems, shelters and associated instrumentation and equipment. Our vast knowledge of the automation, combined with creativity and innovation, has solved numerous analytical systems problems for a host of industrial clients.

Unlike some suppliers, we provide total project responsibility from Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) through commissioning, start-up and ongoing maintenance. Because we are independent of the various hardware and software manufacturers, we are uniquely qualified to provide customer-specified analytical systems, including racks, cabinets and buildings.

Continuous Monitoring Systems (CEMS)

ENGlobal’s CEMS solutions reliably demonstrate compliance with both federal and state emissions monitoring and clear air regulations relative to any industry. Our solutions can be packaged in virtually any type enclosure or rack, including fiberglass, galvanized steel and stainless steel.

Analyzer Maintenance & Data Acquisition System (AMDAS)

ENGlobal’s AMDAS solutions feature a robust off-the-shelf Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and family of software to provide a turnkey, open architecture solution that is as easy to configure as it is reliable. You can gather data from up to 50 analyzers to ensure process requirements and environmental standards are met.

Industry-Leading Features

  • Fully compatible with all process analyzers
  • Wide range of I/O capabilities
  • Customizable per current and future requirements
  • Clear data presentation with fully customizable graphics
  • Flexible and powerful report generator
  • Open data structure with easy export to Microsoft Excel, Access and corporate databases
  • OPC compliant DCS and SCADA interfaces
  • Advanced alarm functionality at the PLC and workstation level warn operators prior to critical issues

Data Acquisition Systems (DAS)

ENGlobal’s widely proven DAS solutions can assist you in meeting the latest EPA laws and regulations, including 40CFR60 and 40CFR75.


  • State-of-the-art software
    - Configuration Explorer
    - Data Monitoring
    - Data Explorer
    - Automation Report Agent
  • Open architecture
  • Flexibility to meet future requirements
  • User configurability for monitoring and reporting